Split Ends

A haircut can be an emotional experience. For myself it is usually a monthly clean up to get rid of split ends because I am too chicken to part with my long layers and I am deathly afraid of blunt cuts. My dear friend, Stefannie Flannigan is fearless when it comes to her hair choices. Blonde, red, brown, long and short Stef has done it all. For the past two weeks, we have been filming a short film entitled, Split Ends. It showcases a woman's attempt to remove memories of her reckless past, regrets and a bad breakup with a drastic new haircut. In this short film, Stef goes from shoulder length hair to a Carey Mulligan inspired pixie cut.

This film is as low budget as they come, so rather than getting a pro to do it she trusted me with a pair of kitchen scissors--and I must say it turned out pretty sweet.

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