A Birthday Girl's Crowning Glory

To unwind some people crack open a cold one, pop in a DVD or take a cat nap. That's not my style. My personal form of recreation is travelling the blogosphere looking for the latest news in beauty/hair trends. But when the boredom is unbareable I whip out my train case and aim my tools at the nearest available human head. In this case, it was Deana Sdao on the day of her 20th birthday. Here are a few tips:

When using a curling iron you want to start at the middle of the hair shaft and not at the ends. Your ends are the part of your hair that will fry first. Ideally, you should leave them out. This will prevent split ends in the future.
If you aren't in a rush and you have a couple pins lying around before unwinding the curl from the iron release the iron carefully and slip it out of the hair. Pin the curls in place and then spray with a fine mist hairspray. I recommend Elnett by L'Oreal.
The longer the curl has time to cool in this shape the longer it will hold. If you have enough pins do this technique to every section of hair. If not, I recommend just doing the top. Typically with any hair setting the volume at the crown of the head is the first to fall. Keep the crowning curls pinned and do your makeup, get dressed and have a drink while they're in place. Then let out the pins, unwind the hair and finger-comb to separate the sections. Voila!

5 thoughts:

Bright Smile said...

What size curling iron did you use? Also, about how long do you hold each curl in the curling iron?

V.V. said...

I used a 1.5 inch iron and held it for 10-20 seconds. The less hair you put in the iron at a time and the longer you hold it for the tighter the curl you will achieve.

Alicia said...

Hey Veronica,
I loved this post and the step by step instructions. I saw deana last night on her birthday and she looked smashingg!!

Is there anything I can do if my hair is fine, and looses volume as the night progresses, to keep this look?

PrinceCurtisJacob said...

We should get our blogs together and share fashion tips!
You have the education for it and I have some Wild ideas!
Our readers would really appreciate it!
Happy Birthday DS!

V.V. said...

Alicia, if your hair is fine I would start this look with day-old, unwashed hair washed the night before with volumizing shampoo. Also I would keep the curls pinned until you absolutely have to leave and use a volumizing hairspray to set the look.

+ Curtis, we should absolutely get together, I'm sure we'll find tones of ways to stay cute.

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