The Thin Black Line

This fall, whether it is a gel, cream, kohl pencil or liquid formula eyeliner is taking center stage. Marc Jacobs Spring '09 show features thick, winged-out structured lines where as D Squared has their models sporting a soft, smudged out smoldering look. Though both looks are extreme variations of both can easily be carried over from the runway to the sidewalk.

Smudged and Smoldering
If eyeliner is a new addition to your beauty arsenal, MAKE UP FOREVER's AQUA EYES eyeliner pencil is a definite staple. Its long-wearing, blacker than black formula glides on effortlessly minimizing the need to pull your eyelid taught and increase the chances of sagging in the eye area in the future. To achieve this look, line the top lash line and the waterline with the pencil and then take a small smudge brush (e.g. MAC #219) and dip it in a black eyeshadow and trace along the pencil lines to soften the line. Brushing powder over the pencil seals in the liner to make it last longer.


The key to keeping this look more Angelina Jolie and less Amy Winehouse is choosing a precise liner that you can control: a gel eyeliner like MAC's Fluidline in Blacktrack or my personal favourite L'oreal LineurIntense in Carbon Black. The key is not to try to make the line in one shot. Use tiny strokes to make an outline of the thicker line then fill in. Also, try not to go too far away from your eye when winging out the end.


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Anonymous said...

Would you recommend a specific brand of liquid eye-liner? Preferably something that doesn't break the bank ;)

V.V. said...

L'Oreal IineurIntense is amazing and you can get it at most drugstores for around $10.00 and its bottle is bigger than most liquid liners so it should last you longer. Also the bendy pen-tip applicator makes it super easy to apply. Sometimes when I run out of liner I dip the pen in my mascara and it works great.

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