So you wanna be a vampire?

The vampire this Halloween is going to be everyone's go-to costume when it starts getting down to the wire.  Edward Cullen (or any of the Cullens) from Twilight or Stefan Salvatore from The Vampire Diaries are easy alternatives to Count Dracula and Bella Lugosi costumes which call for a tuxedo, slicked back hair, and high-collared cape. No matter what vampire you decide to be don't skimp on the fangs. Even if you don't have fake blood dripping from your mouth getting the right chompers is essential. Scarecrow Fangs come with a custom dental adhesive that mold to the shape of your teeth so they stay in place.

For around $26.00, Scarecrow fangs are reusable, and look like natural fangs and allow you to talk naturally too. Check out this fang application tutorial.

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PrinceCurtisJacob said...

Embarassing, I used to own these, let's just say I would wear them all the time!
Vampires are totally the it demon this season, they are fun, sexy and let's face it, they even sparkle!
As a blogger of cute things, I think vampires have got it to a science. They have been around for ever after all!

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