Lady Gaga: Better Blonde or Brunette?

Lady Gaga wasn't always the platinum blonde sensation she is now. Back in the day, she used to rock long, dark brown locks. Below are two vids: one from a talent show when she attended NYU in 2005 and the other the music video for her newest hit from her album The Fame Monster, entitled Bad Romance. I'm a huge fan of LG's avant-garde hair and makeup choices but which do you prefer. Blonde or brunette?

3 thoughts:

Laura said...

I actually really dig the desheveled Frenchie (from Grease) look shes got going on in the bathtub. Very cute.

But I agree, blonde works with her current image.

V.V. said...
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Anonymous said...

Shocking! She really IS talented and does not need to perform in her underwear and have sex with bandmates! It's all about attention, folks!

Moral of the story? Can't get attention as a piano playing girl-next-door singing brunette? Well, you can go blonde and take your clothes off. Always works!

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