Portrait Tips: Ladies

I know starting this week a lot of you may be taking graduation photos and if not family portraits will be coming up real soon.  So here are some tips that will help you look your best. Look out for guys' portrait tips coming soon!

1. Avoid large accessories that may detract from your face.

Keep the focus on you with small accessories, such as simple earrings, thin necklaces. Leave large hoop earrings at home!
2. Get your beauty sleep.

All the retouching in the world won't fix puffy eyes. If you do happen to pull an all-nighter before hand put some tea bags in the freezer and then put them on your eyes in the morning to reduce swelling.
3. Aim to look like a more polished version of your everyday self.

This isn't the time to try out new hairstyles, hair colour or makeup. Concealer and mascara are a must even if you don't wear them usually.
4. Powder will be your best friend today.

Keep it with you to reduce shine and apply it right after your concealer to keep it in place.
5. For grad photos, opt of a collared shirt or one that won't show up under the gown at all.
6. Opt for a moisturizing lipstick or lip stain instead of a gloss.

Lip gloss looks great in person but can look like a shiny, I-just-ate-fried-chicken mess in portraits.

3 thoughts:

Anonymous said...

"i-just-ate-fried-chicken mess" haha & great tip!

Anonymous said...

OMG, Cameron's hair...!!! Mousy Angelina, so distant from her Lara Croft persona. And my goodness, who's the girl with horse teeth? Is that Megan "Sewer Mouth" Fox? I give up on the girl with glasses. I don't recognize her at. All.

V.V. said...

Avril "I used to wear ties as necklaces and now I wear Gucci" Lavigne

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