The Shiniest Time of the Year

I just calculated that I'll be home for the holiday in exactly 8 days! That's right. Be jealous.  Besides family, food and presents, I love the holidays because everything just seems so much shinier. Glitter is in full effect this season. Here are 3 of my favourite ways to rock glitter this holiday and not look like a Las Vegas showgirl's Christmas tree.

Bejeweled hair accessories can make any outfit instantly more opulent. Curl you hair and brush out the curls for a glamourous old Hollywood look and push your hair backward on one side with a jeweled comb.

For nights out, false lashes with subtle glittery accents are super fun. Just make sure that the rest of your make up isn't flashy. These babies draw enough attention on their own and are perfect for a New Year's Eve bash.

Shiny eyeshadows work best on the inner corners of the eyes, balls of the eyes, or on the browbone. Shimmery formulas have the tendency to crease faster than matte formulas so make sure you use a primer. I like Urban Decay's Eyeshadow Primer Potion with Make Up For Ever's Diamond Powder in White Gold to highlight.

4 thoughts:

Anonymous said...

i love it! love the Christmas!

Anonymous said...

who doesnt love shiny stuff??!?!
i LOVE the holidays! <3

Layton said...

I wore fake eyelashes on halloween once. They kind of taking them off. And then I used them again for the next night. Are you allowed to wear fake eyelashes more than once?

V.V. said...

Yes, Layton. If you take care of them and clean them properly you can wear a good quality pair of lashes more than once.

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