Pretty Peeves: Dark Lipliner

"Pretty Peeves" is going to be a series of hair/makeup/grooming habits that many people think look good, but makes my blood boil. This season, I am a huge fan of the deep burgundy lip and lip liner worn on the entire lip to make the colour last longer. But lining the outside of the lip and filling it in with a light lipstick--or even worse--not filling it in at all should not happen.

It was a very brief trend at one point in the Nineties and its intention was to make the lips appear fuller. Leave this trend in the past where it belongs and use a lip plumping lip gloss instead. My pick? Smashbox's O-Plump Intuitive Lip Plumper.

2 thoughts:

JT said...

I just think that dark lip liner draws attention to the lips and away from the face. I totally agree with your viewpoint and I'm impressed a in the way that you were able to speak out on this issue without and racial stereotypes...WOO HOO!

mineral lipstick said...

Thanks for explaining this so as a matter of looks awful yes.

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