Top 6 Men's Fragrances: Axe isn't one of them

I was at a party a couple weeks ago and I saw a guy I knew there that I had not seen for quite sometime. I was glad to reunite with him again unfortunately his cologne managed to greet me before he did as a cloud of Drakkar Noir assailed my nasal passages. Fragrances, even for women, should only be smelled by another person when in very close proximity. How close is close? A hug, not a high five. Here are L&L's top 6 fragrances for men...she just might forgive you if you spray one of these ones:

1. Hugo Boss Selection
2. Lacoste Challenge
3. Burberry Brit for Men
4. Givenchy Play
5. Armani Acqua Di Gio
6. Hollister Jake

Do you have any faves?

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Phil said...

I'm still a major fan of Abercrombie Fierce. It's just plain sexy. Almost as sexy as the man it reminds me of at the A&F store, who I stare at more than the clothing.

PrinceCurtisJacob said...

Burberry Brit!
Very Nice, I am on my second bottle!
However, I find the smell does not last that long, and it is one of those scents that you have to be really close to smell.
Is that a good thing? I hope so!

V.V. said...

Phil, Abercrombie Fierce would most definitely be #7 on my list.

PCJ, that probably means you are following the "hug not high five" it's a good thing!

Anonymous said...

that's my boyfriend.
give him back to me

Anonymous said...

Love, love, love that cologne by Jean Paul Gaultier in the blue torso bottle. I think it's called Le Male. At first it is a bit harsh but after it sinks into the skin it is amazing. The smell brings about good memories. Sometimes I go to the mall and spray it on my wrist just so I can smell it all day. It's true.

A man's signature scent is very important. However, I'd rather get a whiff of natural male odour than an overpowering cologne. So, I agree with V.V. Be careful with quantity, or just stick to a nice smelling body wash.

Oh, and what about good 'ol Old Spice? No?

Anonymous said...

my roommate uses drakkar noir. it smells like old man musk. and he probably only sprays it once, but the entire floor reeks of it after.
i have 1. 2. and 3. haha, nice call.

JT said...

omg abercrombie fierce is BY FAR my favorite...I think every time I walk into that store I quiver a bit...It is the definition of FIERCE!

Oils and soap said...

i'm dissapointed...i think axe should've been in the first 3... along hugo boss...
who made this anyway?

Nick said...

(y) hugo

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